n/a - 1744 7th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - n/a
Style - Craftsman
Built Year - 1916
State ID - 5WL-5887

Description - 1744 7th Avenue faces west and exhibits characteristics of the Craftsman style of architecture. The home has a concrete foundation, horizontal wood siding, and a gable-on-hip roof and exposed rafters. A central dormer and wrap-around porch dominate the façade. The hipped roof central dormer has a pair of single-light, wood frame windows. The partial width front porch is recessed under the main roof with a slight gable on the north end and has squared columns, a simple post railing, and concrete steps. From north to south, the façade has a one-over-one window, a paneled door with an aluminum screen door, a ribbon of three one-over-over-one windows, and another entrance set into the corner of the south and west elevations. Continuing around the corner, the south side of the porch has half walls and a one-over-one window. Past the porch, the south elevation has a bay with a gable and three one-over-one windows, a pair of one-over-one windows, and a second pair of one-over-one windows under a small gable. Two basement windows are also visible on the south elevation. The north elevation has two one-over-one windows on the west end; a shed-roof addition has different wall covering and is likely another entrance to the home. The east elevation has two entrances with paneled, one-light doors: one facing west at ground level and one facing north with wooden steps leading to it. There are also four one-over-one windows.

Historical Background - W.E. and Adella Gaines are listed as the first occupants of 1744 7th Avenue in 1917. From 1918-1923, Mrs. Margaret Coulson lived in the home; her husband, H.G. is listed in 1918 but not subsequent years. C.H. Coffee, a traveling salesman, and his wife, Margaret, lived in the home from 1926-28. Margaret Coffee is also listed as the resident of the home in 1933 and from 1948-1952. Meryl and Gladys Coulson are listed in the years 1931 and from 1935-1946. Mr. and Mrs. Coulson were married in Hays, Kansas, on July 30, 1930. Mr. Coulson was born in Illinois on July 27, 1908, and worked for Consumers Oil Co. He entered the Navy and served during World War II; after the war, he worked at Phillips Petroleum in Denver until 1970, returning to Greeley in 1979. Mrs. Coulson was born on November 10, 1907, and educated at Kansas State Teachers College and Kansas University. Mr. Coulson died on April 7, 1985; on November 14, 1998, Mrs. Coulson passed away as well. Beginning in the 1950s, several residents lived in the home. By the 1960s, it is evident that the house was used as a rental unit, and many college students lived there from that time to present. In 1996, the current owner, Allan Eugene Aitken, purchased the home. While he resides at the address, the presence of four mailboxes on the front porch indicates that others live there as well.