n/a - 1715 6th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Watt House
Style - Bungalow
Built Year - 1928
State ID - 5WL.5860

Description - 1715 6th Avenue is an east-facing Bungalow with a rectangular plan, concrete foundation, horizontal wood siding. Brown asphalt shingles cover the hip-on-gable roof, which also features a centered brick chimney on the ridge line and a small, shed-roof dormer on the southwest edge of the roof. Other roof features include exposed rafters on the east and west cornices. A modest front porch with concrete steps, massive piers, and a hip-on-gable roof dominates the symmetrical façade. Pairs of 1-over-1 wood frame windows with modest trim flank each side of the porch. The north, south, and west elevations likewise feature 1-over-1 wood frame windows with simple wood trim while the basement windows are aluminum sliders. In addition to the centered front door, other entrances to the home include shed-roof covered basement access from the south elevation and a ground-level back door on the west elevation.

Historical Background - Since its construction, the home at 1715 6th Avenue has had many occupants. From 1930-1935, four families lived in the home. Beginning in 1936, the basement of the home was rented as an apartment with the address 1715 ½ 6th Avenue. From 1936-1950, no couples or families occupied the home longer than five years. In circa 1952, Lester Vanhorn, an employee of Greeley Gas Company, and his wife Alice moved into the home. Wed in 1927, the Vanhorns moved from Iowa to Greeley in 1943 as Mr. Vanhorn pursued a job at Edwards Chevrolet. After becoming an employee of Greeley Gas Company, he worked there for 22 years until retirement. The Vanhorns lived at 1715 6th Avenue until 1965, and they often rented the basement apartment to students. From 1966 to present, many people have occupied the home, few for longer than two years. According to the Weld County Assessor, Wells Fargo Bank became the owner of the home in November 2007.