Truman House - 1717 6th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Lawrence House
Style - Other Style
Built Year - 1888
State ID - 5WL.5861

Description - The one-story structure at 1717 6th Avenue has a concrete foundation, asphalt shingles, and square building plan. While the majority of the home is clad in horizontal wood siding, vinyl siding covers the base of the front porch. Under a shed roof, the L-shaped front porch extends the width of the house and features synthetic turned posts and balustrade rails; wooden steps lead to a modern storm door. One-over-one aluminum storm windows cover the home’s original wood windows on all elevations; the basement windows are aluminum sliders. The façade of the home has two entries: one, previously described, at the top of the wooden steps, the other on the north end of the porch. While the former entry leads to the side gabled front portion of the structure, the latter entry is attached to the hipped roof portion of the home. The rear elevation of the home likewise has two entries: a ground-level entry on the north end and an entry within a hipped roof enclosed porch on the south end.

Historical Background - From 1922-1962, 1717 6th Avenue was the home of Charles A. and Emma Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence was employed by the City of Greeley for many years; he retired in circa 1952. In 1963, Mrs. Alice Osborne, a widow moved into the home. A teacher, Mrs. Osborne lived at the address for approximately ten years, and rented a portion of the home to college students. Unfortunately, additional information about the Lawrence’s and Mrs. Osborne was not available. City directories did not reveal occupants of the home in the 1970’s, but by 1980, the home was clearly a rental property. Jesse R. and Natalie L. Truman reside in the home, purchased in March 2007.