n/a - 1719 6th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - n/a
Style - Hipped-Roof Box
Built Year - 1906
State ID - 5WL.5862

Description - Facing east, 1719 6th Avenue features a hipped roof with asphalt shingles, vinyl siding, a concrete block foundation, and a rectangular plan. A small, three-light, hipped-roof dormer is centered on the east elevation, while a brick chimney protrudes from the south elevation on the south side of the roof. Concrete steps with a simple wrought-iron balustrade rail lead to the front door. All elevations exhibit two types of windows: one-over-one or one-by-one aluminum frame. The south elevation features a car port as well as two entries to additional apartments.

Historical Background - Constructed in 1906, the first occupants of 1719 6th Avenue were A.L. and Clara Talbert; however, the Talbert family lived in the home for only a year. In 1918, Theodore and Edna Ennis and their son Harold moved into the home. Mr. Ennis farmed until 1931 when he became the superintendent of the Union Reservoir Company. The Ennises lived in the home until 1942. In 1944, Mr. and Mrs. Glen and Ethel Bowman and their children lived at the residence; Mr. Bowman worked as a salesman at Gambles. In 1957, Joseph P. and Ernestine Cox moved into the home. Longtime residents, Mr. and Mrs. Cox were married on February 10, 1938, in Greeley. They lived and worked in California for several years, including during World War II when Mr. Cox worked as a crane operator, and returned to Greeley in 1956. Mr. Cox worked at Monfort of Colorado, Inc. until he retired in the mid-1960’s; Mrs. Cox worked as a secretary for the Orange Street Ditch Co. and at BakeRite Bakery. Mrs. Cox passed away in 1996, but as recently as 2002, Mr. Cox (along with his son, Larry) was listed as the owner of 1719 6th Avenue. Beginning in the mid-1960s, the Cox’s renovated their home to include rental units. The current owner, Janie Lynn Henry, purchased the home in June 2006; it is still used as a rental house.