n/a - 1727 6th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - n/a
Style - Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements
Built Year -
State ID - 5WL.5863

Description - This east-facing duplex has a rectangular plan, concrete foundation, and asphalt shingled, front gabled roof with a negligible overhang. The structure features distinctive, swirl-patterned stucco on all exterior walls. The symmetrical fa├žade features concrete steps leading to an entry for each apartment covered by a small shed roof and a one-over-one aluminum window flanked by a three-pane sidelights on either side of the doors. The doors are each wood with three vertical panes, and each door has a vinyl storm door. There are two sets of three windows on the main floor, one at the side of each door. These windows are wood and consist of a one-over-one flanked by two narrower four-over-one windows. All have aluminum storm windows. At the basement level there are two sets of three windows, one at each side of the stairway. Each set is composed of a center three-over-one window flanked by two two-over-one windows. All of these are wood with aluminum storm windows. On the south side of the building, a stairway drops beneath the stoop and leads to a door to the lower level. On the south elevation a chimney capped with a metal stovepipe extension is present, and it bears the same distinctive stucco as the remainder of the building. From east to west there is a pair of six-over-one wood windows followed by three three-over-one windows, all with aluminum storm windows. At the lower level are three three-over-three wood windows with aluminum storm windows. On the north elevation from east to west is one three-over-one window followed by a pair of six-over-one windows, then two three-over-one windows. All are wood and have aluminum storm windows. At the lower level are three three-over-one wood windows with aluminum storm windows and a door, followed by one three-over-one window. On the west elevation are two ground level doors positioned one each to either side of the center. Each door is wood with a single glass pane and vinyl storm door and is sheltered by a shed roof with composition shingles, exposed rafter tails, and decorative brackets. There are two three-over-one windows with aluminum storm windows at the basement level.

Historical Background - Since 1939, tenants have occupied the three units of 1727 6th Avenue. Occupants have ranged from couples to families to students, and few have stayed longer than two years. 1727 6th Avenue, LLC currently owns the structure.