Newman House - 1731 6th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Bishop House
Style - Other Style
Built Year - 1906
State ID - 5WL.5864

Description - The one-story, Classic Cottage home at 1731 6th Avenue faces east. The home features a shingled, hipped roof with flared, boxed eaves, horizontal wood siding, decorative lintels on all first-story windows, and an ornamental concrete block foundation. A hipped roof dormer with a pair of fixed, eight-light windows rests above the shed-roof, full-width, open front porch. Off-set wooden steps lead to the front porch, which features paired classical columns, a balustrade rail, an off-center front door with a wooden, eight-light screen door, a small diamond-light window on the south end, and a large, fixed pane window with a multi-light upper sash on the north end. The north elevation has a pair of multi-light over one windows, a fixed pane window with a multi-light upper sash, a pair of one-over-one windows, and three one-by-one sliders on the basement level. Two one-over-one windows on the main level and two one-by-one sliders on the basement level are present on the south elevation. The rear (west) elevation includes an enclosed porch with a shed roof that has three one-over-one windows as well as an additional one-over-one window to the south of the enclosed porch.

Historical Background - Weld County Assessor’s records state that the home at 1731 6th Avenue was constructed in 1906. However, Greeley City Directories list the first occupants in 1910, ditch superintendent H.J. Houston and his wife, Mary. In 1920, Ralph T. Bishop and his wife, Beatrice moved into the home. City Directories list the couple as occupants in 1923 and 1926, but not in the years 1922 and 1928; however, beginning in 1930, the Bishops reside at the residence for the next 54 years. Mr. Bishop was born in Canton, Illinois, on September 16, 1890. He was raised in Canton and attended college at the Western State Normal School in Macomb, Illinois. and also at the University of Chicago. He married Beatrice Taylor on June 11, 1913. After working as an instructor at the Western State Normal School from 1911-1913, and then in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, the Bishop’s moved to Greeley in 1917. Mr. Bishop received his bachelor’s degree from Colorado Teacher’s College (now UNC) in 1925, and his master’s degree from Stanford in 1928. Mr. Bishop taught in the field of printing, binding, and graphic arts. He was named Professor Emeritus in 1955. Active in the First United Methodist Church, Mrs. Bishop taught Sunday school and was involved with other church clubs while Mr. Bishop served in various church offices. The couple raised their daughters, Yvonne and Lorraine, in Greeley. Mr. Bishop died unexpectedly on January 10, 1974. Mrs. Bishop lived at 1731 6th Avenue until 1984 when she moved to Fairacres Manor; she passed away there on January 31, 1986. The University of Northern Colorado’s Bishop-Lehr Hall, completed in 1962, was named in honor of Ralph T. Bishop and Elizabeth Lehr, an elementary education professor. From 1986-1994, the home was owned by Jim and Mandy Gerwig. John Pascal purchased the home in 1995 and sold it in 2000. The home is currently owned by Mark E. Newman of Boulder, CO.