n/a - 1705 7th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Sawyer House
Style - Bungalow
Built Year - 1915
State ID - 5WL.5868

Description - The one-story, Craftsman Bungalow at 1705 7th Avenue faces east. The wood-frame, rectangular plan building has a stucco-covered concrete foundation, a full basement, and a front-gabled roof with composition shingles. The roof features decorative, triangular knee braces, a fixed pane multi-light window with multi-light sidelights, stucco under the east gable end, exposed rafters on the north and south elevations, and a brick chimney. The house is clad in vinyl siding, and one-over-one light windows exist on the north, south, and west elevations with aluminum storm windows; the basement has two sliding windows on the north and south elevations. The façade (east elevation) has multi-over-one light windows, possibly the original windows, covered with aluminum storm windows. The full-width porch is recessed under the main roof and has an enclosed half-wall and three massive piers. Other attributes include an 11’x4’ nook on the southeast corner of the home and a shed-roofed patio, added in 1993 with an extension of the main roof, on the west elevation.

Historical Background - The Weld County Assessor’s records state that the home at 1705 7th Avenue was constructed in 1915. The 1917 City Directory lists farmer F.B. Shattock, his wife Jean, and three others as the first occupants. The Shattocks lived in the house until 1922, when Will D. and Prudence Sawyer moved into the home. Mr. Sawyer was born in Illinois in 1861, moved to Colorado in 1879, and married Prudence Thompson in Greeley in 1888. They had three sons. Mr. Sawyer farmed in Pleasant Valley until the mid-1910’s, when the family moved to Greeley. Mr. Sawyer died of influenza in January 1929; Mrs. Sawyer lived at 1705 7th Avenue and worked as a housekeeper until the mid-1950s. In 1957, a retired couple, Fred and Eunice Buck, purchased the home. They were married in Liberal, Kansas, on August 20, 1918, and moved to Greeley in 1925. Mr. Buck operated Buck’s Shoe Repair in Greeley until retiring in 1954. Along with their five children, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary at the home in 1968. Mr. Buck died on March 25, 1988. James and Vivian Deering purchased the home from Mrs. Buck in March of 1989. They sold the home to the current homeowner, Kevin Ladner, in May 2006. The home is currently used as a rental property.