n/a - 1709 7th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Churchill House
Style - Bungalow
Built Year - 1910
State ID - 5WL.5870

Description - The brick, 1½ story, east-facing home at 1709 7th Avenue displays many Craftsman characteristics. The home has a side gabled roof with decorative brackets and a centered, shed-roof dormer, both covered with composition shingles. Plain wooden shingles cover the dormer, which has three multi-light-over-one windows covered with aluminum storm windows. The remainder of the home’s windows follows this pattern; additionally, all first floor windows have sandstone sills. The full-width front porch is recessed under the main roof and supported by four massive brick columns. A ribbon of three multi-over-one light windows (also covered with aluminum storm windows), consisting of a larger window flanked by two smaller windows, exists on each end of the porch. Concrete steps lead to the centered front door with aluminum frame, single pane sidelights. Multi-over-one light windows flank the front door. A wrought iron railing encircles the porch and extends down the porch steps. The north and south elevations reveal the home’s sandstone foundation; both elevations also have plain wooden shingles, decorative woodwork, and a pair of multi-over-one light windows covered by aluminum storm windows under the gable end. The north elevation has four multi-over-one light windows as well as a metal fire escape attached to the wall that leads to the second floor windows. The south elevation has a ribbon of three windows, an lone window, and outside access to the basement. The basement windows on both the north and south elevations are sliders. The west elevation has a centered shed roof dormer that has been modified to provide second-floor access via an outside set of wooden stairs. A shed roof, enclosed back porch, clad in vinyl siding, has also been added to the rear elevation. Of the five windows on the rear elevation, four are multi-over-one and one (on the enclosed porch) is a slider; all windows are covered with aluminum storm windows.

Historical Background - Constructed in 1910, the first occupants of 1709 7th Avenue were attorney Harry E. Churchill, his wife Jessie, and their family. The Churchills lived there through 1913; from 1915 to 1948, many couples and families lived in the home, few for longer than two years. In 1950, Mr. James D. Bassett, an employee of Hensel-Phelps Construction Company, moved into the home with his wife, Ethel. Married in Polo, Missouri, on April 22, 1914, the Bassett’s moved to Milliken, CO in 1916. From Milliken, they moved to Greeley in 1939. The couple had two sons and two daughters, who were presumably grown by the time they moved to 1709 7th Avenue. The Bassett’s lived in the home until Mr. Bassett passed away on July 7, 1970. Mrs. Bassett lived to be 100, and died on December 7, 1990. From 1970 to approximately 1975, Jacob and Dorothy Schneider lived in the home. Mr. Schneider was a music teacher. Beginning in 1977, City Directories do not list occupants of 1709 7th Avenue. In 2008, Robert W. and Norene S. Reed purchased the home.