n/a - 1716 7th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - n/a
Style - Bungalow
Built Year - 1925
State ID - 5WL.5873

Description - The modest bungalow on 1716 7th Avenue has a hip-on-gable roof with composition shingles, stucco siding, and a concrete foundation. A brick chimney on the south side as well as exposed purlins and rafters also define the roof. The majority of the home’s windows appear to be four-over-one light windows covered with an aluminum frame storm window. Facing west, the façade features a concrete stoop with wrought iron railing that leads to an aluminum screen door flanked by a picture window. On the north side of the façade, a metal awning covers a window. The north elevation has three windows while the south elevation has a ribbon of three windows on the west end, an additional five windows, and two basement windows. The east elevation has an enclosed, shed roof porch, a four-over-one window, a fixed-pane, four light window, and a one-by-one slider. Concrete steps with wrought iron railing lead to a multi-light door that provides entry to the back porch; a wooden door inside the porch provides access to the house’s interior.

Historical Background - A cashier for Greeley Gas Company, Philo E. Abbott and his wife, Gertrude, are listed as the first occupants at 1716 7th Avenue in 1926. Following the Abbott’s, several people lived in the home until 1939. In that year, the Dingman family moved into the home, living there through 1946. In 1950, Merle and Freida McNulty resided at the address. Mr. McNulty was born on July 15, 1911 in Loop City, Nebraska; his family moved to Greeley in 1915. He graduated from Greeley High School and obtained his real estate license by attending two years of college in Boulder. In 1935, he married Frieda Sykes, also of Greeley. Mr. McNulty was a mechanic for United Airlines during World War II, a car salesman for Edwards Chevrolet, and a realtor for Wheeler Realty from the 1950s through his retirement in 1985. Mrs. McNulty owned a merchandise shop, Frieda’s, for many years. Mr. McNulty was a member of the Masonic Lodge of Greeley and also delivered Meals on Wheels. The couple was also active in the First United Methodist Church of Greeley. Mrs. McNulty died on December 6, 1997; Mr. McNulty followed on April 2, 2003. City Directories list Charles Sonday as the occupant of 1716 7th Avenue in 1993; through 2002, various occupants are listed at the address. Daniel and Kim Kengott of Fort Collins purchased the home in December 2004 and use it as a rental property.