Andrews House - 1726 7th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - n/a
Style - Other Style
Built Year - 1910
State ID - 5WL.5878

Description - 1726 7th Avenue is a Classic Cottage with a rectangular plan, sandstone foundation, brick chimney, horizontal wood siding, and a hipped roof with asphalt shingles and decorative brackets. Facing west, a central, hipped roof dormer with plain wooden shingles and a pair of one-over-one wood frame windows is a prevalent feature of the façade. Below the dormer, a full-width porch, recessed under the main roof, features four square columns, a balustrade rail, and a front door with a single pane light covered by an aluminum screen door and flanked by two single pane sidelights. To the north of the door is a small, single pane, square window; a larger one-over-one window is on the south side of the door. The north elevation of the home has a pair of one-over-one windows on the east end, a ribbon of three one-over-one windows moving west, and four basement level windows. From east to west, the south elevation has a pair of one-over-one windows, a one-over-one, a bay window with triangular knee braces and a larger one-over-one flanked by two smaller one-over-one windows, a one-over-one window, and four basement level windows. The rear elevation of the home has a ribbon of three one-over-one windows on the south end, a back door with a single pane window covered by an aluminum storm door, and a pair of one-over-one windows on the north end, one of which is newer.

Historical Background - City Directories list Oscar and Ellen Carlson as the home’s first occupants in 1910. From 1913-1935, several families lived in the home, few for longer than two years. In 1936, a custodian at Colorado State College of Education, Arthur Rupp, and his wife, Emma, moved into the home. The Rupps lived there through 1942. From 1944-54, four different families lived in the home. In 1956, Edwin M. Cameron, the owner of Cameron Coal Company, and his wife Ruth moved into the home. Mr. Cameron was born on July 17, 1918, in Greeley, and raised there. Mrs. Cameron was born on April 1, 1917, in Sumner, Nebraska. She moved to Greeley to attend business school in 1937. The couple was married on September 10, 1938. Mr. Cameron owned and operated Cameron Coal Company for forty years; in February 1972, he was recognized for his excellent driving record. Mrs. Cameron was an Avon representative and housewife. The couple was also active in the United Methodist Church. Mr. Cameron died in June 1972 at age 53; Mrs. Cameron passed away in April 2001. She lived in the home until 1987. In 1987, Patrick H. and Lisa E. Andrews purchased the home; they currently live at the address.