n/a - 1730 7th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - n/a
Style - Bungalow
Built Year - 1910
State ID - 5WL.5880

Description - 1730 7th Avenue is a west-facing, hipped roof structure with asphalt shingles, a rectangular plan, sandstone foundation, and horizontal wood siding. On the façade, the nearly full-width front porch has a gabled roof with plain wood shingles and two vents under the gable end. The porch has been enclosed and covered with horizontal wood siding; the original squared piers are still visible. Concrete steps lead to an off center front door with an aluminum storm door flanked by two sidelights on the north and one on the south. A ribbon of four aluminum windows is present on the south end of the façade while a pair of aluminum windows on the north and south ends of the porch completes the enclosure. The north elevation has four one-over-one light aluminum windows and one fixed-pane, single light, square window on the west end; there are two windows visible at the basement level. The south elevation has two one-over-one windows and a bay window with a ribbon of three one-over-one windows and decorative braces under the bay. At the basement level, two windows are visible. At the east end of the north elevation, a ribbon of three four-light windows is part of the enclosed back porch. Although vegetation concealed much of the east elevation during field work, an enclosed back porch with four light windows and paneled door provides access to the main level of the home. Immediately north of the main level door, a matching paneled door at ground level provides exterior access to the basement. A one-over-one light window on the main level, north of the doors, was also visible.

Historical Background - Mrs. M.A. Goodwick is listed as the first occupant of 1730 7th Avenue in 1913. Several people lived in the home after, including: attorney E.T. Snyder and his wife, Cora (1915-1918); Mrs. A. Travers (1920-1930); Orion T. and Nellie M. Stewart (1931); Aylmer F. Reeves, Jr., and his wife, Ann (1933-1937); William and Lois Carson (1938); William and Lulu Benton (1939-1942); and Clair E. and Irene Malcomson (1944-1946). In 1948, Elizabeth Morgan, the widow of Guy W. Morgan, moved into the home. Mrs. Morgan was born on November 18, 1881, in Tower Hill, Illinois. In 1900, she moved to Denver to study piano; she also taught music there. On September 15, 1904, she married Guy William Morgan in Tower Hill. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan lived in Kersey, Greeley, and La Salle. Mr. Morgan passed away on January 1, 1943; in 1947, Mrs. Morgan moved from their farm into Greeley. She lived in Greeley at 1730 7th Avenue until 1975 when she moved to Arizona to live with her daughter. Mrs. Morgan returned to Greeley in 1978 and lived at the Bonell Good Samaritan Center. She passed away on June 15, 1979. In 1977, electrical technician John W. Hohnbaum and his wife Sandra lived in the home. They lived there until approximately 1987. Steven R. Mammen of Greeley currently owns the house and uses it as a rental property.