n/a - 1733 7th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Dunham Residence
Style - Foursquare
Built Year - 1912
State ID - 5WL.5882

Description - The east-facing Foursquare at 1733 7th Avenue has a sandstone foundation, horizontal wood siding, and a hipped roof with asphalt shingles, flared eaves, and decorative braces. All of the home’s windows are one-over-one light with aluminum storm windows. The façade of the home has a gabled dormer on the south end with plain wooden shingles and a single-light, fixed pane, rectangular window. Two pairs of one-over-one windows are on the second story. A full width, shed roof front porch with classical columns, a balustrade rail, and slightly off-center, single light front door dominates the façade. A bay window with three one-over-one light windows is south of the front door while a single window is to the north. In place of a typical corner, a window cuts a diagonal on the north end of the porch. The north elevation is covered with vines, and therefore somewhat obscured. However, on each story, there are two one-over-one windows with a smaller one-over-one window in between them; additionally, two one-by-one basement windows are visible. A wooden staircase on the west end of the north elevation provides access to the second floor; the staircase is partially built over a flat-roof porch addition; the roof also serves as a balcony for the second level. The south elevation was partially obscured by evergreen shrubs during fieldwork; however, a fixed pane rectangular window, a one-over-one window, and two pairs of one-over-one windows were visible. Additionally, an exterior entrance to the basement was also detectable. The rear elevation was very difficult to observe due to a privacy fence and a garage apartment behind the home. However, a hipped roof with a ribbon of six windows on the south end of the west elevation and a brick chimney were visible.

Historical Background - According to The Greeley Daily Pioneer in June 1909, 1733 7th Avenue, the residence of Mrs. Rose Dunham, was under construction. The paper notes A.T. Hess as the architect and C.H. Young as the stone mason. By 1913, City Directories list Alexander and Rose Dunham as the home’s occupants; they lived there until 1920. Following the Dunhams, many people occupied the home. City Directories listed the following people: farmer Emanuel Nelson and his wife, Julia (1922-1926); James F. and Lois J. Walker (1931); Orville E. and Jane Frakes (1933); Mrs. Ruth Gormley (1935). From 1936-1952, Emanuel and Julia Nelson lived in the home again; Mr. Nelson worked for the Works Progress Administration, the college, and as a carpenter and bricklayer during this period. From 1956-1965, Oliver S. and Phyllis L. Swanson, and their two daughters, Connie and Barbara, lived in the home. Born in Georgia in 1922, Mr. Swanson was a World War II veteran who served in the Pacific. On December 22, 1946, he married Phyllis Aufrecht in Greeley. Mr. Swanson worked at a car dealership in 1946; by 1948, he owned the business. He owned and operated Starling Motors and was also the book keeper for the Weld County Livestock Commission. Mr. Swanson died on March 12, 1998; his wife survived him. From 1968-1973, 1733 7th Avenue served as a rental house, most often for college students. From 1975-1982, James E. and Sonya C. Whatoff lived in the house with their foster children. Gooch Partners, LLC has owned the home since 2004 and uses it as a rental house.