n/a - 1739 7th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - n/a
Style - Dutch Colonial Revival
Built Year - 1966 addition
State ID - 5WL.5884

Description - The original home, an east-facing Dutch Colonial Revival structure with a sandstone foundation, brick siding, and gambrel roof with cross gables and asphalt composition shingles, was constructed in the early 1900s. Many windows have sandstone sills and arched brick lintels. The façade features a large gable with plain shingles, a ribbon of three one-over-one aluminum frame windows, and a smaller arched window centered above the others on the second floor. A multi-over-one light window covered with a one-over-one aluminum storm window is on the main level of the façade, while a one-by-one window exists at the basement level. The hipped roof front porch has been partially enclosed and wraps from the façade to the south elevation. An east-facing front door is located on the south side of the porch. The porch has simple, squared posts and a balustrade rail. The south elevation has a cross gable covered with plain wooden shingles. Wooden stairs provide access to a second floor door, which has an arched window above it. A bay with three windows is on the main level, and stairs lead to a basement level door that is flanked by one-by-one sliders. The north elevation is partially concealed by a shed, but there is a pair of windows under the wooden-shingled gable end with an arched window above them. On the east end, a small one-by-one window and a basement window are visible. On the west elevation, an original arched window under the wooden shingled gable end is still present, as is a one-over-one window. In 1966, an eight unit apartment was added to the west elevation of the original home. The concrete block apartment has two stories (no basement) and a side gabled roof covered with asphalt shingles. Eight doors, four on each floor, provide access to the apartments from the south side. The second floor balcony, recessed under the main roof, has a metal balustrade railing and is accessed by two open metal staircases. All of the windows on the addition are aluminum frame, and all doors are covered with aluminum storm doors. The west elevation of the addition features a raised diamond pattern in the concrete blocks.

Historical Background - Over the years, many people have lived in both the original home and the added rental unit at 1739 7th Avenue. City Directories list R.W. and Katie Bullock as the first occupants from 1907-1908. Other occupants are as follows: farmer J.G. Graham and his wife Louise (1909-10; 1920-26); Herbert E. Badger (1913); C.H. and Clara Ward (1915); Colorado State Teacher’s College instructor A.W. Phillips and his wife, Myrtle (1917-18); Mrs. Mary Badger, a teacher, and her son, Robert (1928-39). Beginning in 1940, occupants of the home begin to change annually, and it is evident that a portion of the home is being rented to tenants. Many of the tenants of the house are listed as students. The house and adjoining apartment unit are owned by Dennis A. Roth of Greeley. Mr. Roth has owned the property for many years, as one occupancy permit dates to 1985.