Kilgore Hose - 1740 7th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Carney House
Style - Bungalow
Built Year - 1916
State ID - 5WL.5885

Description - The west-facing bungalow at 1740 7th Avenue has a sandstone foundation, vinyl siding, and cross-gabled roof with exposed rafters and an asphalt shingled roof. The façade features an enclosed front porch with the massive piers still visible. Above the porch, a multi-light, leaded glass window with multi-light, leaded glass sidelights is centered under the gable end. The gable end is covered with stucco and also features decorative half timbering. The façade also has a fixed pane window on the north side of the door and a fixed pane window with one-by-one sliders serving as sidelights on the south. Although a privacy fence conceals part of the south elevation, a one-by-one slider, two small one-over-one windows, and a larger one-over-one window are visible; additionally, the brick exterior chimney is also seen from the south elevation. Like the south elevation, a privacy fence obscures the north elevation. However, half timbering under the gable end and two one-by-one sliders are visible. The privacy fence also obscures the view of the rear elevation.

Historical Background - In 1917, B.R. and Mary Williams became the first residents of 1740 7th Avenue; they lived in the home through 1920. Salesman Louis C. Baab and his wife, Isabelle, and their family lived in the home from 1922-23. From 1926-35, retired couple J.F. and Katherine Mowe resided at the address. The Mowe family had moved to Greeley from Pella, Iowa, in 1924; Mr. Mowe was a retired farmer. Mr. Mowe passed away in October 1935 at age 76. From 1939-1960, Elizabeth Carney, an English professor at Colorado State College of Education, lived in the home. Ms. Carney was born on January 17, 1897, in Gibsonburg, Ohio. She attended college in Greeley, receiving a degree in 1918. She moved to Ohio to further her education; she was a principal in Akron, Ohio and also taught for three years at Rocky Ford High School and in Denver schools. In 1929, Ms. Carney returned to Greeley and joined the college faculty. During her tenure, she collaborated with Dr. E.A. Cross on a book, Teaching English in High School. Ms. Carney passed away in January 1962 at age 64. From 1963-75, Maude W. Grissinger, a widow, lived in the home. Her daughter, Rosalyn Lillemoe, and grandchildren, Roberta and Jonathan, also lived at the address. Mrs. Grissinger passed away on December 17, 1976. From 1977 through the early 1990s, many people occupied the home, including students. Beginning in 1996, the current homeowner, Julius Kilgore, was listed as an occupant of the home. Weld County Assessor’s records show that Mr. Kilgore and his wife, Pamela, still live at the address. However, as recently as 2002, City Directories also list other occupants in apartments at the same address; the Kilgores presumably rent out their basement.