Echo Japanese Restaurant - 1702 8th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Coid G. Taylor House, Taylor's College Store
Style - Foursquare
Built Year - 1916-1917
State ID - 5WL.5888

Description - This foursquare form house is a rectangular, two-story, wood frame structure with an asphalt shingle, pyramidal (hipped) roof. The roof features wide overhanging eaves and dormers with hipped roofs and wood frame windows. It has a concrete foundation and lap siding exterior. The main façade contains a centered entrance and a side entrance on the north side of the west elevation (façade). The first story on the west elevation is a storefront, which is original and which has wood frame windows and a recessed centered door. Canvas awnings shade the windows, and wood paneling is under the windows. Concrete steps with a metal handrail lead to the main centered entrance door and another set of concrete steps lead to the side entrance on the west elevation, which leads to the second floor apartment. Windows are one-over-one wood frame double hung sash and are in pairs on the west elevation. Storefront windows are also on the first story of the west elevation, and six-over-one light double hung sash and two-light fixed windows are on the side and rear elevations. The sash windows have storm windows. One brick chimney is located on the north side of the roof. A sign in front of the building identifies the restaurant as Echo Japanese Restaurant. There is an exterior staircase on the east elevation leading to the entrance to the second story apartment. Two doors are on the north elevation, which may be original. Concrete steps with metal handrails lead to one of the north doors.

Historical Background - This house was built in approximately 1917 and was first occupied by J. J. and Adeline Hershiser and Cash & Carry Grocery. By 1920, S.O. Roberts and his wife Fanny occupied the residence and operated the Cash & Carry Store, changing the name to Roberts Grocery by 1922. The house changed hands again by 1926, when Coid and Genevieve Taylor lived in the house and ran Taylor’s Suburban Shop & Rooms in this location. Taylor’s Suburban Shop became Taylor’s College Store by 1930. The Taylors lived here and operated the college store through 1942. They sold it to R. Price and Gladys Hopkins in 1944, who opened Hopkins College Store for ten years. Mr. Hopkins served on the City Council for three terms and as mayor for two terms. He was the last mayor to serve under the Council-mayor type of government and the first mayor to serve under the city manager form of government. Hopkins served the city in other ways, including as a member of the City Planning Commission, and was active in other organizations including the Kiwanis Club, the Greeley Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scouts of America, and First Congregational Church. He was an honorary major in the Colorado National Guard Air Defense Command. Hopkins sold it to Donald D. and Leone B. Brown, who lived there and operated Brown’s College Store through at least 1975. Leone died in March 1972, and Donald died in 1975. The apartment residents then changed, but Brown’s College Store remained there until 1987, when it became College Café. The current occupant, Echo Japanese Restaurant, has occupied it since at least 1992.