Kobayashi House - 1706 8th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Louis C. Baab House
Style - Craftsman Bungalow
Built Year - 1923-24
State ID - 5WL.5889

Description - This west-facing Craftsman bungalow residence is a rectangular, one-story, wood frame structure with an asphalt shingle, front gabled roof. Roof features include exposed rafter ends and purlins, stucco and wood detailing in the gable end and an intersecting gable on the north side. It has a concrete foundation and horizontal wood siding. The main façade contains an off-centered entrance to the north of center with a paneled front door with three rectangular lights; a one-over-one window with one-over-one sidelights is south of the front door. The one story, full width, open porch has slightly battered square columns and a solid rail; there is one half column on the north side of the steps. Windows are one-over-one wood frame sash and have storm windows. A brick chimney is located on the east end; another exterior chimney is located on the south elevation. The east elevation also has a single light paneled door at ground level.

Historical Background - The house was built in 1923-4 for Louis C. Baab and his wife Isabell and their two children. He worked as a salesman at the Weld County Garage when they first moved into the house, until he changed jobs in 1942 and began working for the County Clerk. Later in 1942, he was working at the Driver’s License Bureau, where he worked as a Driver’s License Inspector until his retirement by 1956. He passed away at the age of 77 in January 1961. Prior to moving into this house, Louis worked as a partner in H. Baab & Sons Grocery from 1907 to 1920 and as a salesman for Olympia Candy Company from 1920-3. He served on the Greeley City Council from 1915 to 1940 and again from 1944 to 1948, as a councilman from Ward Three. He was a member of various organizations, including the First Baptist Church, Greeley Lodge No. 809, BPOE, and the Modern Woodman. Isabell stayed in the house until her death in 1979. The house has had many residents since then. The current owners purchased it in 2003.