n/a - 1708 8th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - n/a
Style - Craftsman Bungalow
Built Year - 1902
State ID - 5WL.5890

Description - The Craftsman bungalow at 1708 8th Avenue faces west and has a stone covered foundation, wood shingle siding, and gable on hip, asphalt-shingled roof. The full-width front porch has a half wall covered with large stones and square porch supports. Concrete steps lead to a slightly off-center front door; on either side is a multi-diamond-light-over-one window with the same design in sidelights. Above the porch, the gable end is covered with stucco and decorative half timbering; a sliding window with six lights on each side is centered on the gable end. The north elevation has a cross gable; aluminum frame one-over-one windows are also visible on the north elevation. An additional cross gable with a ribbon of one-light windows is on the south elevation. A bay with a one-over-one window and a shed roof addition sits between the façade gable and the south-facing gable. The addition is covered with wood shingles and has a one-over-one window that faces west and a pair of one-over-one windows facing south. A brick chimney rests between the shed roof and the south gable. The east elevation has two small shed roof additions; one with three one-over-one vinyl windows and vertical siding, the other with a small deck, a sliding door, a one-over-one window, and horizontal vinyl siding. There are three one-over-one windows near the roofline of the original home.

Historical Background - Although a 1902 Greeley Tribune article notes that 1708 8th Avenue was built in 1901-02 for W.F. Stephens, Mr. Stephens and his wife, Ruby, are not listed in City Directories until 1907. The Stephens are listed as residents in 1907 and 1909, but Dr. G.R. Pogue and his wife, Rosalie, are listed in 1908. From 1910 to 1933, E.H. and Amelia McClenahan lived in the home. Mr. McClenahan worked in several occupations, from a produce salesman to real estate to investments, while living at the home. From 1935-41, William O. and Mable Adkins moved into the home; Adkins was one of the first state game wardens. Emmett H. McClenahan returned to the address from 1942-46; Mrs. Josephine McClenahan, his widow, lived in the home in 1948 after Mr. McClenahan’s death in 1947. In 1950, the home is listed as a fraternity house, Pi Delta Pi; Alpha Kappa Lamda was associated with the home in 1957. However, in 1959, the home reverts back to individual occupation. Bruce Mattson is listed as the home’s occupant in 1959; from 1965-66, Mrs. Mary Dunnuck lived in the home. Richard Keep resided there in 1968. Beginning in 1970, the home is used as a rental property. James D. Starkey of Greeley purchased the home in May 2005 and uses it as a rental property.