n/a - 1714 8th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - Pogue House
Style - Classic Cottage
Built Year - 1904
State ID - 5WL.5891

Description - 1714 8th Avenue has a (much altered) Classic Cottage form, a sandstone foundation, vinyl siding, and a hipped roof with asphalt shingles. Chimneys project from the center, southeast corner, and north slope of the roof. A central dormer with a hipped roof and clad with asphalt shingles has a pair of rectangular ten light windows. The simple, partial width front porch has a shed roof, squared posts, a plain balustrade railing, and lattice below the railings. There is an aluminum frame picture window with single light sidelights on the north end of the façade; steps lead to a slightly off center front door. A pair of multi-light square windows are south of the front door. The north elevation windows are covered by storm windows; from west to east there is a one-by-one window; a ribbon of three one-over-one windows, a square bay with multi-light windows covered with rectangular single light windows, and a one-over-one window on a rear addition. The south elevation has a square bay with three windows and three one-over-one windows. A basement window is visible on the south elevation, as is an exterior basement entrance from the east elevation. The rental unit behind the home obscured the view of the east elevation.

Historical Background - City Directories list Dr. G.R. Pogue, a specialist of lung diseases, and his wife, Rosalie, as the occupants of the home in 1910, 1913, 1917, and 1918. Dr. Pogue was also an incorporating member of Greeley Gas Company. Dr. Pogue, who was born in 1861, passed away in 1919. Mrs. Pogue, who was born in 1870, is listed as the primary occupant in 1920 and 1923-57; she passed away in 1959. From 1958-72, Pauline Pogue, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Pogue lived in the home. Pauline was born in 1904 and received a bachelor’s degree in pedagogy from Colorado Teacher’s College in 1925. In 1928, she received a fellowship in history, and she completed an M.A. in history. Ms. Pogue taught at UNC for 42 years. She oversaw the Lab School, was a full-time faculty member in the history department, and was the chair of the history department in 1966. Ms. Pogue retired from UNC in 1969; she died in 1971. After Ms. Pogue passed away, renters occupied the home. Beginning in the 1930s, city directories list renters at 1714 ½ intermittently. In 2001, Daniel D. and Larry D. Davis, c/o Shirley Davis purchased the home; it is used as a rental property.