n/a - 1740 8th Avenue

 Print Listing Historical Name - n/a
Style - Classic cottage
Built Year - 1908
State ID - 5WL.5897

Description - The Classic Cottage home at 1740 8th Avenue faces west and has a sandstone foundation, horizontal wood siding, and hipped roof with asphalt composition shingles, flared, boxed eaves, and two brick chimneys. Typical of the Classic Cottage form, the fa├žade has a central dormer and a full width front porch. Clad in plain wooden shingles, the hipped roof dormer has a one-over-one window with vertical rectangular sidelights. The front porch is recessed under the main roof and has Doric columns and a balustrade rail; it wraps around to the south elevation. A paneled, twelve-light front door is slightly off center; a large one-over-one window is south of the front entrance. The north elevation has four one-over-one windows and three basement windows. The front porch wraps around to the south elevation and leads to a second entry into the home. A three window bay, two one-over-one windows, a smaller square window, and two basement windows are also features of the south elevation. The east elevation has an enclosed shed roof porch on the south side; the porch has a one-by-one window and a set of wooden steps with a rail that leads to a vinyl storm door over a single-light wooden door. Immediately south of the porch is another ground level entry. A one-over-one window on the main floor and a one-by-one basement level window, both south of the ground level entry, complete the east elevation.

Historical Background - According to Greeley City Directories, ranchman T.L. James and his wife, Elizabeth, were the first occupants of the home from 1910-20. James and Bertha James lived at the address from 1922-39; Mrs. Bertha James is listed as a widow from 1940-42. In 1944, carpenter Fred Sinele, and his wife, Rowena, moved into the home; they resided there until 1956. Insurance salesman Kenneth H. Lancaster is listed at the address in 1957. From 1959-62, W.S. Poynter, a salesman at Sunset Gardens, and his wife, Thelma, lived in the home. In 1963, Fred and Rowena Sinele are again listed as the primary occupants of the home; however, from this point forward, it is clear that students also rent space in the home. Gooch Partners, LLC currently owns the home and uses it as a three-unit rental property.