n/a - 718 17th Street

 Print Listing Historical Name - Clarence and Katherine Baab House
Style - Bungalow
Built Year - 1923
State ID - 5WL.5901

Description - 718 17th Street is a Bungalow with a concrete foundation, vinyl siding, and a front gabled roof with asphalt composition shingles and overhanging eaves. Facing north, the façade has an off-center front porch with a front gabled roof with decorative knee braces, a half wall, and two massive piers. Concrete steps from the east lead to the centered front door, and there is a five-over-one light sash window on either side of the door. The west elevation has four five-over-one light windows with storm windows and two basement windows with window wells. A gabled addition is also visible from the west elevation; a one-over-one light window and ground level entrance face north on this addition. A brick chimney protrudes from the roof on the east elevation, which also has three five-over-one windows and two basement windows with window wells. Further south on the east elevation, there is a small gabled addition with three windows and a ground-level entrance. This elevation is further east than the addition visible from the west elevation; both additions are linked to each other. The east elevation also has a carport; a second carport is attached to the detached garage.

Historical Background - City Directories list H.G. and Irma Cates as the first residents of the home in 1926. Several others lived in the home from the 1920s through ‘40s, including: D.W. and Olive Vandermeer (1928); CTC faculty L.E. Opp and his wife, Beverly (1930); CTC faculty Kenneth F. Perry and his wife, Lorena (1931-33); Ivan H. and Bettie S. Mercer (1935); retired couple Clark V. and Tena French (1936-39); Albert R. and Inez Miller (1940-41); Elmer and Laura Dingman (1942); and Rocky Mountain Pipeline engineer John Peterson and his wife, Wilma (1944-46). Clarence and Katherine Baab moved into the home in 1948. Mr. and Mrs. Baab were married on August 27, 1933, in Greeley. Dr. Baab was a professor of Industrial Arts at the college for 25 years; he retired in 1960 due to ill health. Mrs. Baab was born in Indiana on January 25, 1909; she moved to Colorado in 1917 and graduated from Colorado State Teacher’s College with a teaching license. Mr. and Mrs. Baab had two children, Carol and John. Mr. Baab passed away on August 19, 1966. Mrs. Baab worked as an administrative secretary in the graduate office at UNC until 1974. Mrs. Baab owned 718 17th Street until she sold the home to Gregory and Frances Gore in August 1998. On April 5, 1999, Mrs. Baab also passed away. 718 17th Street LLC currently owns the home and uses it as a rental property.