n/a - 603 18th Street

 Print Listing Historical Name - n/a
Style - Craftsman Bungalow
Built Year - 1918
State ID - 5WL.5902

Description - The Craftsman Bungalow at 603 18th Street faces south and has a concrete foundation, horizontal wood siding, and a front gabled roof with asphalt composition shingles, exposed rafters, and decorative knee braces. The enclosed front porch still exhibits four massive piers; wooden steps with a simple rail lead to a slightly off-center front door with a leaded glass window and leaded glass sidelights. The front door is flanked on either side by a vinyl picture window with one-by-one sliders as sidelights. Plain wooden shingles are under the fa├žade gable end, and a vent has replaced what may have once been a window. On the east elevation, from south to north, there is a vinyl picture window with sidelights, a vinyl one-over-one, a pair of vinyl one-over-one windows, and a smaller one-over-one vinyl window. The east elevation also has four basement level windows. Four basement level windows likewise are present on the west elevation, which as has a vinyl picture window with sidelights and three one-over-one vinyl windows with two smaller one-over-one vinyl windows in between them. A brick chimney is visible from the north elevation, which also has horizontal wood siding and a fixed window under the gable end. A hipped roof porch with horizontal wood siding and a ribbon of windows of various styles is also on the north elevation. On the east end, a paneled ground level door with an aluminum storm door provides access to the main level of the home; towards the center of the north elevation, another door provides basement-level access.

Historical Background - City Directories list attorney Everett H. Houtchens and his wife, Eva, as the first occupants of the home from 1920-26. George C. and Isabella Townsley lived in the home in 1928; Mr. Townsley worked for the Great Western Sugar Company. In 1930, John and Ann Lauck and their children moved into the home. Mr. Lauck worked for the Union Pacific Railroad for thirty-seven years, eventually becoming an assistant master mechanic; he retired in approximately 1942. In 1945, the Laucks followed their children to Long Beach, California; Mr. Lauck returned in June of 1946 to sell the home to Professor Lee R. West. However, Mr. West and his wife, Helen, only lived in the home for a short time. In 1948, John and Katherine Gunther lived in at the address. Mr. and Mrs. Gunther moved to Greeley from Fort Morgan, where Mr. Gunther had farmed, in 1947. They resided at 603 18th Street until 1962. Mr. Gunther died on September 26, 1966; Mrs. Gunther moved to Fort Collins in 1979 and passed away on December 26, 1984, at age 82. Marvin and Brenda Schiessler purchased the home in 1963. Mr. Schiessler was born in Herdon, Kansas, on January 8, 1930; he married Brenda Cain in Greeley on May 31, 1956. Mr. Schiessler worked as an electrician at Monfort, Inc. for 25 years, then at Northern Colorado Medical Center for twelve years before returning to Monfort. He passed away on February 5, 1998, at age 68. Mrs. Schiessler lived in the home through 2002. Don and Judy Roth purchased the home in May 2008 and use it as a rental house.