n/a - 611 18th Street

 Print Listing Historical Name - Meyer House
Style - Craftsman Bungalow
Built Year - 1918
State ID - 5WL.5903

Description - 611 18th Street is a 1½ story Craftsman Bungalow home with a concrete foundation, horizontal wood siding, and a side gabled roof with asphalt composition shingles and wide, overhanging eaves. A full-width front porch with a front gabled roof and brick piers and a brick half wall dominates the façade. The interior brick piers extend about halfway to the roof and do not have columns while the exterior brick piers extend three-quarters of the way to the roof and have battered columns. A paneled front door with six square lights sits slightly east of center; a ribbon of four-over-one windows is east of the door and a picture window with four-over-one sidelights is to the west. The façade gable end is clad in stucco, and a central window has been boarded shut. The east elevation has a pair of one-over-one windows under the stuccoed gable end; three windows are visible at the basement level. The main level of the east elevation has four one-over-one windows and a small fixed pane window. A stuccoed gable end with a pair of one-over-one windows is also present on the west elevation, as are four basement level windows with corrugated metal window wells. The main level of the home has three one-by-one windows and two one-over-one windows on the west elevation. An exterior brick chimney dominates the west elevation; however, above the roofline, the chimney has been covered with metal. Unfortunately, the proximity of neighboring homes obscured the north elevation.

Historical Background - Max Meyer, the owner of a shoe and clothing store, and his wife, Dora, are listed as the first occupants of 611 18th Street from 1920-28. During the 1930s, many people lived in the home, including: Charles and Eva Challgren (1930); Oscar G. and Katherine Inman (1931); Roy S. and Pearl G. Utter (1933); and Harlan T. and Beatrice M. Taylor (1935). From 1936-39, Fred L. and Lena Ryde resided at the address; Chat G. and Della M. Wright lived there from 1940-41. In 1942, Harold Jennings Johnson occupied the home; Colorado State College of Education professor George E. Damon and his wife, Florence, lived there from 1944-48. Farmer A.D. Linder and his wife, Harriet occupied the home in 1950 while Dr. and Mrs. Henry Russell lived there in 1954. In 1956, J.W. and Evelyn Hause purchased the home. At that time, it appears that a portion of the home was also rented to students, a use that continues today. Jesse W. Hause was born in Fort Lupton on March 4, 1904. He married Evelyn Frye in Brighton on October 4, 1924. The couple resided in Fort Lupton until moving to Greeley in 1951. Mr. Hause worked as a manager for Western Food Products Company. The couple raised five children, a daughter and four sons. Mr. Hause passed away on March 11, 1973, at his home on 611 18th Street at the age of 69. Mrs. Hause continued to live in the home, renting rooms to students, until the mid-1980s. She then moved to the Bonell Good Samaritan Center, celebrating her 95th birthday there in 2002. Don A. and Judy M. Roth purchased the home in April 1998 and use it as a rental house.