United Way Building - 814-816 9TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Buckingham Gordon Building
Style - Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Commercial Style
Built Year - 1907
State ID - 5WL1743

Description - This 20th Century Commercial style building is a rectilinear, two-story commercial structure with a flat roof. The front façade was restored based on photographic documentation. The main facade is divided into three bays and contains a centered entrance and a separate entrance on the west end of the north elevation. The store front windows have a wood kickplate below and have a window transom above. A terra cotta belt course divides the first and second story and second story windows are divided into groups of three, four and three one-over-one wood frame windows. Brick pilasters divide the window groupings. A terra cotta band is located above the second story windows. Recessed brick panels are across the top, over the terra cotta band and under the corbelled brick cornice at the very top of the front façade. (See information on 810 9th Street.)

Historical Background - G.H. Gordon of Greeley and George W. Buckingham of Boulder erected the building as a two-story, pressed brick commercial structure, beginning construction on March 1, 1907. It is historically important because it housed many businesses important for Greeley’s development. Some important businesses included Clough Furniture Company, which occupied the building from 1909 until 1930, the Greeley Dry Goods Company from approximately 1934 - 1957, which was described as “one of the most modern dry goods firms in the state” after being “recently redecorated”, and Hibb’s Clothing Company from 1958 - 1976. The United Way of Weld County moved into the building in the early 1990s and purchased the building in 1997. They provide valuable services to the community in outreach to mothers with newborns, child advocacy, and other volunteer programs.