N/A - 708 8TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - New Cache La Poudre Irrigation Company Building
Style - Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Commercial Style
Built Year - 1902
State ID - 5WL2576

Description - This rectangular, one-story commercial structure has a flat roof with a tin cornice decorated with a shell motif. It has red brick exterior walls and red brick quoins on the corners. The main facade is broken into three bays and contains a centered entrance with a wood paneled and glazed door. Windows are one-over-one, wood frame double-hung and have segmental arches and stone sills. There is also a transom over the door with a segmental arch. Windows on the rear (south) elevation are eight-light metal frame casement windows with two-light metal frame transoms.

Historical Background - The building was constructed in 1902 for the New Cache la Poudre Irrigation Company administrative offices, which occupied the building until between 1988 and 1992. The company, originally known as the Cache la Poudre Irrigation Company, formed in 1878 to operate the No. 2 Ditch and, later, the No. 2 Reservoir, which was constructed in 1892. The No. 2 Ditch was constructed in 1870 to bring water to the areas around the Union Colony, for irrigation of large pieces of land. (The No. 3 Ditch brought water to the Colony itself.) The creation of the company marked a major change in the control of irrigation to the areas outside of Greeley, as the company was made up of area farmers rather than city officials. In 1898, after the charter had expired, the company was reborn as the New Cache La Poudre Irrigating Company, and later was the New Cache La Poudre Irrigation and Reservoir Company.