811 12TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Mayher House
Style - Late Victorian/Queen Anne
Built Year - 1886-1896
State ID - 5WL3083

Description - This Queen Anne style residence is an irregular shaped, two story, wood frame structure with a composition shingle, multiple-gabled roof. Roof features include shed roof dormers and cross gables with fishscale shingles. It has a stone foundation and wood lapped siding. The main facade is broken into five bays and contains a front entrance with double, wood paneled and glazed doors. The one-story, wooden wrap-around porch has ten wooden turned posts. Windows are double hung. Several decorative windows include a paned casement window and a large, second story bay window. The brick chimney is located near the center of the roof.

Historical Background - According to Peggy Ford, the house was moved from 11th Street to its present location on 12th Street in approximately 1917-1918. Mayher Apartments were listed in the City Directories starting in 1918, and previous to the move, William Mayher used it as a residence, located at 804 11th Street. (City Directories). William Mayher came to Greeley in 1885 from Northampton, Mass. He was prominent in local business activities, and served as the mayor of Greeley in 1911-1912. He bought a lumber yard and established the William Mayher Lumber Company, which was incorporated in November 1908. He served as president until 1917-1918, when he retired. Along with lumber, the company supplied lime, cement and coal. Mayher also served as the superintendent of the first electric light plant in Greeley, director of local banks at various times, and the president and stockholder in Greeley Ice & Storage Company. Mayher was a member of the Greeley Club, for which he also served as president. He was a member of the Elks Lodge, Masons, Knight Templars and Shrine Lodges. Finally, he was a member of Park Congregational Church. He lived in this house until he died in May 1923. The house has served as apartments since it was moved in approximately 1918. It was known as the Mayher Apartments through 1954. City Directories list this house as the Thompson Apartments from 1956 until 1982. Since then, it has remained in use as apartments.