1217 9TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - John T. Watkins House
Style - Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Craftsman bungalow
Built Year - 1922
State ID - 5WL3087

Description - This Craftsman style bungalow residence is a rectangular, one-and-one-half story, wood frame structure with a composition shingle, side-gabled roof. Roof features include centered dormers on the east and west elevations and exposed rafter ends. It has a concrete foundation and wood lap siding and stucco exterior. The main facade contains a centered entrance. The one-story, full-width brick porch has battered brick columns extending to the ground with curved porch supports. Windows are wood frame, double hung with metal frame storm windows. The brick chimney is located on the south end of the west slope of the side gabled roof. Other interesting features include the fake half-timbering in the gable ends and the concrete caps on the brick porch supports.

Historical Background - John T. Watkins was the first owner of this Craftsman style bungalow, built in 1922. He and his family lived here from 1922 until 1946-1948. Watkins was a farmer and later managed the E & H Auto Shop before starting his own service station, Watkins Service Station. He retired in 1938. In the last years they lived there, they rented several apartments out, as listed in the City Directories from 1941-1948. The building has been used as apartments since then.