Richard House - 1312 9TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - John C. Mosher House
Style - Foursquare
Built Year - 1906-1909
State ID - 5WL3091

Description - This American Foursquare residence is a rectilinear shaped two story frame structure with an asphalt shingled low pitched hip roof. The basic plan is enhanced with a square bay on the south facade. Roof features include wide overhanging flared eaves and hipped roof dormers located centrally on each facade. It has a rusticated stone foundation with a olive brick first story exterior and shingled second story exterior. The exterior is further defined by a stone belt course located two feet above the water table. Located on an enclosed porch, the main entrance is offset on the west facade’s north side. The enclosed porch runs the entire length of the west facade and partially wraps around the south side. The porch features brick walls and a pediment over the main entrance supported by two Doric columns topped by paired cornice brackets. Most windows are one-over-one double hung sash except for the following notable exceptions: Queen Anne sash windows located on the first floor of the south bay and the north side of the front porch, grouped leaded glass windows on the first floor of the north facade, and an oriel located on the north facade featuring a double hung sash with leaded glass sidelights and transoms. A two story frame projection extending from the rear (east facade) has vinyl siding.

Historical Background - Original owner John C. Mosher came to Greeley in 1873. Primarily engaged in the produce shipping and dry goods businesses (Mosher and Parker Produce, Greeley Mercantile Co.), Mosher was credited with developing the pinto bean market. He was also a director of the Antero and Lost Park Reservoir Company. From 1918-1930, W. B. Moody owned the home. He also engaged in the dry goods business as president of the Crocket-Moody Mercantile Co. Farm implement businessman Karl W. Farr owned the property from 1933 to ca. 1946.