1405 9TH AV

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Style - Modern Movements
Built Year - 1969
State ID - 5WL3095

Description - This Late 20th Century/Modern Movements style commercial building with International style elements is a rectangular, one story, concrete/steel structure with a flat roof. Roof features include wide overhanging eaves with vertical wood paneling on the sides of the overhang. It has a concrete foundation and brick veneer with wood paneling under the windows on the basement level floor. Entrances of wood doors are located on all elevations of the building, on the street level (second story) on the west and north elevations, and on the south and east elevations the entrances are on the basement level (first story). Windows are one-light fixed and metal frame sliding with vertical wood paneling underneath. A cantilevered mid-section with vertical wood paneling divides the first and second stories on the south and east elevations.

Historical Background - In 1969, the offices of Dr. Nathan J. Clifford, Dr. Roy H. Shore and Dr. R. L. Yockey were located in the building. In the following years, the structure was used for apartments and offices. Several medical offices and residences currently occupy the building. The building is located on the site of the residence of Dr. J.A. Weaver, a Greeley physician, who lived there in 1907.