Waggoner House - 1515 9TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Hays House, Mosier House
Style - Late Victorian/Queen Anne
Built Year - 1895
State ID - 5WL3105

Description - This Queen Anne style residence is a square-shaped, one story, wood frame structure with a composition shingle, hipped roof. Roof features include a gabled dormer with cornice brackets. It has a stone foundation and wood lapped siding. The main facade is broken into three bays and contains a centered entrance. The one-story, full-width porch has a wood spindle work frieze with decorative brackets attaching the frieze to the porch posts, decorative porch posts and a balustrade rail. Windows are wood frame, double-hung with wide wood exterior trim. The brick chimney with a brick cap is located in the center of the roof.

Historical Background - This residence was completed in May 1895. The first residents of the house likely included Professor James P. Hays and his wife Irma, and a student Louis Butscher. Professor Hays taught at the Normal School, which was established in 1889. Walker J. Mosier and his wife Addie lived in the house from 1908 until 1918-20. He worked as farmer, feeder and businessman, including employment at Farmers Supply & Machinery Company during the years he lived in this residence. He was the president of the company from at least 1909 until 1918. Walker died in August 1943. Addie was a member of the First United Methodist Church, Order of the Eastern Star, and Social Order of the Beauceant and Lucerne Club. She died in August 1966.