Wood House - 1523 9TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Waddell House
Style - Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals/Classical Revival/Classic Cottage
Built Year - 1905-06
State ID - 5WL3107

Description - This Neoclassic cottage style residence is a square, one-story, wood frame structure with a composition shingle, hipped roof. It has a stone foundation and wood lapped siding. The main facade is broken into three bays and contains a centered entrance. The one-story, wood porch has six Tuscan columns. Windows are six-over-one, wood frame double hung and have wood trim and sills. The brick chimney is located in the center of the hipped roof.

Historical Background - This house was built in approximately 1905-1906 for Charles W. Waddell. Waddell was a teacher at the Normal School, who came to Greeley in 1896 with his mother, Mrs. Adeline Waddell and his cousin, Mrs. Robert Wallace. He taught at the Normal School from 1905-1910, and was a training teacher for seventh and eighth grades during his first four years there. He also served as assistant superintendent of the training school under D.D. Hughes and chair of the Department of Psychology and Education. From Greeley he went to California, where he taught at the Los Angeles Normal School, which became part of the University of California. He and his wife, Viola, lived in the house from approximately 1906 until 1907-1908. Clarence and Lois English lived at this house from 1908 until about 1910-1913. Clarence was the assistant secretary of the Weld County Abstract and Investment Company. Finally, Frank P. Matthews and his wife Carrie lived in the house from approximately 1913 until 1918-1920. Matthews was the advertising manager for the Tribune. They came to Greeley from Cheyenne in 1908. Frank died in 1945, and his wife died several years later, after having resided in Greeley more than 45 years.