Woody House - 1528 9TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Ward House
Style - Late Victorian/Queen Anne - Vernacular
Built Year - 1898-1901
State ID - 5WL3112

Description - This vernacular Queen Anne style residence is an irregular shaped, two-story, wood frame structure with a composition shingle, cross-gabled roof. Roof features include cross gables with multiple shed roof additions. It has a stone and concrete block foundation and lapped siding. The main facade is broken into three bays and contains two front entrances. The one-story wood porch has four wood turned posts. Windows are double hung and three-over-two wood frame. The brick chimney is located on near the center of the joined gables.

Historical Background - It is unclear who the original owners are because in the 1898 Greeley City Directory, five families are listed at this address. Ora and Ruby Fowler; Ida Monte; Burton, Clara, E.R., Milton, and Nettie Putnam; Mrs. H.M. Leavens; and Walter Halliday are listed at 1528 9th Avenue. The building they lived in may have been razed or moved and the current structure built, as in 1901/1902, only family lived in the house. Mrs. Mary E. Ward, a widow, and Fred and Frank Ward, both farmers, lived in the house in 1901-1902. Mrs. Ward continued to live there until 1907, when William Motheral moved in. He was a carpenter, and he and his family lived there for one year. Walter J. Ennes, a farmer lived there next. A later resident who lived there for many years was John Waldhauser. He and his wife Minnie lived in the house from 1920 until 1941. John was a blacksmith, worked at the sugar factory as a mechanic and then retired in 1938. Their children lived with them and attended school, later to become teachers. She lived there for several years after his death, and moved out around 1944-1946.