Holly House - 1860 11TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Andrews House
Style - Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Craftsman
Built Year - 1921
State ID - 5WL3431

Description - This Craftsman style bungalow residence is a rectangular, one-story, wood frame structure with an asphalt shingle, front-gabled roof. Roof features include triangular brackets and exposed rafter ends. It has a concrete foundation and lap siding. The main facade contains the slightly off-center entrance. The one-story, full-width front porch has four square, wood support posts and a solid, paneled wood rail and fake half-timbering and wood shingles in the gable end. The roof of the porch is part of the principal roof of the house. Windows are primarily multi-light-over-one, wood frame double hung with wood surrounds. There is also a picture window with sidelights on a shed-roofed addition in the rear. The two brick chimneys, covered with stucco from the roof line to the top, are located on the exterior of the south elevation and on the roof ridge.

Historical Background - The house was likely built in 1921 for Arthur Edward Andrews, the owner of the property at the time. Andrews worked at the Hickman and Lumbeck Groceries, after moving to Greeley from Saskatchewan, Canada, although he was born in Iowa. He and his wife Ruby lived in the house from 1922 until 1928. Andrews sold the house to F .P. Morris in 1928 who sold it to W. E. Gaines in 1931. Gaines sold it to William E. Benton also in 1931, who owned the house until 1948, when he sold it to John and Frances Ford in late August 1948. The Bentons farmed in the Lucerne area before they retired and moved to Greeley. The Fords sold it to D.A. LaTorra in late October of 1948. John and Ethelyn Schafluetzel acquired the property from the estate of D.A. LaTorra in 1949. The Schafluetzels lived in the house until the late 1980s. John died in 1986 and Ethelyn continued to live there until her death in 1989. Their son John sold the property after her death. Various other residents have occupied the house since then. The property changed hands several times before the current owner purchased it.