Rickard House - 1808 -1810 12TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Carson House; Bakerink House
Style - Modern Movements/International Style
Built Year - 1925-1926
State ID - 5WL3486

Description - This International Style residence is a rectangular, one-and-a-half story structure with an asphalt shingle, flat roof. Roof features include wide overhanging eaves, a rounded roof-wall junction stepped side gables on the north and south sides and a curved parapet on the west side. It has a concrete foundation and white stucco exterior. The house is a duplex and has a symmetrical façade with entrances on each side of the west elevation with rounded arch entryways onto the porches. Windows are wood frame, multi-light fixed and twelve-over-one double hung sash.

Historical Background - This unusual four-plex apartment building was constructed in 1925-1926 by Greeley builder Joel E. Dalby. Designed as a four-unit apartment house, with two first floor units, and two basement level units, the building has been used continuously for that purpose. Throughout its history, the building has housed dozens of tenants, most residing her for only one or two years. Given the building's close proximity to the University of Northern Colorado, many tenants were probably students or otherwise associated with the University. The building first appears in the 1926 Greeley city directory, corroborating Weld County Assessor records, and a Greeley Tribune article indicating that it was constructed in 1925. An advertisement for the building, which describes it as a "new 4-plex built by Joel E. Dalby," appears in the March 23/25, 1926 edition of the Greeley Tribune. According to the 1926 city directory, the building's first tenants were Roy M. and Mary (Comin) Carson at 1810 12th Avenue, and Mrs. Burna Wharton at 1808 12th Avenue. The Carsons, in fact, who may have been the original owners, lived in the unit at 1810 12th Avenue through 1926. Mr. Carson was also perhaps the building's most notable tenant. Roy Moffett Carson was born in Oakdale, Illinois on June 12, 1894 to William Henry and Elizabeth (Ramsey) Carson. After serving in the United States Army during World War I, Carson was educated at the Gem City School of Business in Illinois, and at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. After beginning a teaching career in Illinois, he came west to Colorado. In 1919, Carson gained employment in the business office at the registrar, a position he would hold until his retirement in 1958. Also in 1921, on June 16th, he was married to Mary F. Comin in Denver. They subsequently had four children - a daughter Janet, and sons Donald, Deane, and Neal. Mr. Carson founded the Colorado-Wyoming Association of Registrars in 1927, and served as the organization's first president. He was also a long-time member of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers and was instrumental in the development and adoption of a uniform system of students records used at universities throughout the United States. After residing here at 1810 12th Avenue, the Carsons later lived at 1525 11th Avenue and at 1515 15th Street in Greeley. In 1940, a few years after the Carsons had moved out, Clifford F. and Dorthea B. Bakerink moved into the unit at 1810 12th Avenue. The Bakerink family, including daughter Marian, resided here through the end of the 1940s. Mr. and Mrs. Bakerink were married on November 25, 1930. A native of Illinois, Dorthea had been reared in Alberta, Canada, and in Pendleton, Oregon. Clifford had been born in Monte Vista, Colorado, and raised in Center and Del Norte, before coming to Greeley. Together, Clifford and Dorthea operated the Home Dairy Café in Greeley from circa 1935 to 1949.