Braiden House - 1820 12TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Leach House; Miller House
Style - Bungalow
Built Year - 1925
State ID - 5WL3488

Description - This bungalow is located on the east side of 12th Avenue, in the middle of the block between 18th Street and Cranford Place. The house is supported by a concrete foundation, which extends three feet above grade, and there is a full basement, with 3-light hopper basement windows. The building's exterior walls are painted yellow horizontal wood siding. Beige colored stucco, with painted white false half-timbering, appears in the upper gable ends on the east and west elevations. It has a moderately-pitched front gable roof, covered with brown asphalt shingles. The rafter ends are exposed beneath the eaves, but are covered by a fascia board. Decorative purlins and a ridge pole appear in the upper gable ends. There is one interior red brick chimney, located on the south facing roof slope. The house features a symmetrical fa├žade which faces toward 12th Avenue on the west elevation. A painted white wood-paneled front door with four upper sash lights, and white metal storm door opens onto a 6-step concrete porch., with a black wrought iron railing. The front door is covered by a gabled hood, with kneebrace supports, and is flanked by two sets of tripled 4/1 (ribbon style) double hung sash windows, with painted white wood frames and surrounds. Windows on the other elevations are also predominantly 4/1 (ribbon style) double-hung sash, with painted white wood frames and surrounds. One small single-light bathroom window is located on the north elevation. A secondary entrance is located on the east (rear) elevation, where a painted white wood-paneled door, with a white metal storm door, opens onto a 2-step concrete porch, with a black wrought iron railing.

Historical Background - Constructed in 1925, this house has now served as a single-family residence for about three-quarters of a century. According to Greeley city directories, the home's first occupant was S.L. Leach who lived here between circa 1927 and 1930. During the ensuing years of the Great Depression in the 1930s, and during the war years of the early 1940s, the property was home to a series of short-term tenants. William R. Baab resided in the home in 1931 and 1932, before giving way to George W. Miller who lived here for about a year in 1933. Charles N. Reed was the home's occupant from 1935 to 1937, followed by John S. Thomsen who resided here briefly in 1938. In 1939, Jake E. Bronstein took up occupancy in the house, remaining for the next four years, until the property was purchased in 1944 by Edward G. & Mabel (Bath) Miller. The Millers subsequently made their home here for the next 23 years, until George's death on March 26, 1967. Mabel continued to live here alone until the mid-1970s. She passed away at Weld County General Hospital in March 1981. The Millers had been married at Loveland on October 2, 1934, and they subsequently had two daughters - Patricia and Sandra. Mabel was the daughter of George and Marie (Lesser) Bath. She had been raised in Wellington and Loveland before her marriage to Mr. Miller in 1934. In the 1970s, the property was reportedly purchased by Don and Eleanor Barker, who maintained the property as a rental, while living nearby at 1809 12th Avenue.