Elliott House - 1825 12TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Mott House; Kitts House
Style - Foursquare
Built Year - 1907
State ID - 5WL3517

Description - This American Foursquare house is located on the west side of 12th Avenue in Greeley's Cranford neighborhood. It has a sandstone foundation and is a wood frame structure with horizontal vinyl siding. It has a hipped roof with asphalt shingles and boxed eaves. There is one hipped roof dormer on each roof slope for a total of four. The dormer on the east elevation (front) has a wood door and a storm door, which opens onto a wooden staircase. The other dormers have one-over-one wood frame double hung sash windows. A hipped roof oriel window, with three one-over-one double hung sash windows with leaded glass lights, is located on the house's south elevation. Windows elsewhere are primarily single and paired one-over-one double-hung sash, with painted white wood frames and painted blue wood surrounds. Some windows, including those on the façade, have latticed leaded glass panes in their upper sashes. A stained natural brown glass-in-wood-frame entry door on the façade, features a single light, set within an egg-and-dart motif border. The door also features a transom light and flanking side lights, and is covered by a painted white wood storm door. The entry door opens onto a 7-step concrete porch which is centered on the building's symmetrically arranged façade. Latticed wooden posts at the porch corners support a flat porch roof, which also serves as a balcony for a doorway which emerges from the second story.

Historical Background - This dwelling was built in 1906-`907 for Mrs. F. J. (Caroline) Mott, who apparently ran a boardinghouse here for Colorado State Teachers College students. The home's construction was noted in an October 31, 1907 Greeley Tribune newspaper article, which summarized business and residential construction in Greeley which had occurred during the past year. Mrs. Mott lived here until 1918 or 1919, when Herbert E. Munger became the home's resident. Greeley city directories indicate that between 1907 and 1918, anywhere from three to fifteen other residents, occupied the dwelling along with Mrs. Mott, indicating that she was likely running a boardinghouse here. Herbert Munger resided here for only a brief time, as by 1923, the property was owned and occupied by Mrs. J. E. (Mollie) Kitts. Mrs. Kitts lived here until 1937, and like Mrs. Mott before her, she apparently also operated a boardinghouse for college students here. A funeral notice for Mrs. Kitts, dated circa July 23, 1970, indicated she had been born in 1885. According to Greeley city directories, in 1940, this property had become the Phi Delta Pi Fraternity House, and a few years later the building was converted into apartments. From that time to the present, city directories have typically listed from two to six residents here, and in some years, the property is listed simply as "student housing."