Baldwin House - 1221 18TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Baldwin House
Style - Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Craftsman
Built Year - 1910-1913
State ID - 5WL3656

Description - This Craftsman style residence is a square, one-story, wood frame structure with a wood shingle, hipped roof. Roof features include decorative exposed rafter ends and two hipped roof extensions (similar to dormers). It has a concrete foundation and stucco and wood lapped siding and vertical, narrow tongue and groove siding under the windows. The main facade contains a centered entrance. The one-story, full-width screened porch has exposed rafter ends with a principal (main) roof extending over the porch. It has four wood columns. Windows include a ribbon of six-over-six wood frame casements on the north elevation and multi-light-over-one, wood frame double hung (including fifteen-over-one, eighteen-over-one, and twenty-five-over-one). The brick chimney is in the rear.

Historical Background - The first owner of the house, Caroline P. Baldwin, purchased the property in 1910 and had the house built by 1913. She sold the house to W.E. Freeman, a local banker and rancher, in 1916. Freeman became a banker in Briggsdale, where he managed farm and ranch interests. The bank dissolved in 1937, after which he continued in agricultural pursuits. He lived there until 1924, when he sold it to James R. McClelland. McClelland worked as an Assistant Cashier at Union National Bank. McClelland sold the house to Harry Hibbs, owner of Hibbs Clothing Company in 1930. Hibbs, in turn, sold it to an employee of Hibbs Clothing Company, Herman T. Ise, who lived in the house until 1941, when he sold it to Wendell K. and Ruth M. Beard. Wendell Beard worked on the faculty of Greeley High School, serving as a vocational counselor and later as principal. Beard sold the house to Theo and Hope Tegtman in 1954. Tegtman served as deputy sheriff of Weld County during the time he lived in the house from 1954 until 1957.