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 Print Listing Historical Name - Hawes Building
Style - Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Commercial Style
Built Year - 1903
State ID - 5WL3742

Description - This Early 20th Century Commercial style commercial building is a rectangular, two-story, brick structure with a flat roof. Roof features include a decorative cornice with a pediment displaying the name of the building along with the year it was built. There is corbelled brickwork below the metal cornice. It has blond brick exterior walls with terra cotta trim. The main facade is broken into three bays and contains a recessed centered entrance. The entrance and first story windows do not appear to be original, although the recessed entrance is typical of the style. There are awnings over the entrance and each side window, which are retractable. Windows are wood frame, single light on both the first and second stories. The windows on the second story are arranged in groups of three vertical one light windows with an arched transom window over each group. The transoms have brick segmental arches over them.

Historical Background - The Hawes building was built in 1903 for Mrs. Clementine Hawes after the death of her husband, well-known Greeley physician Dr. Jesse Hawes. Joseph and Frank Levin opened a clothing store, The Fair, in the Hawes Building in 1903. By 1906, the Condon Mercantile Company had moved in, with A.J. Condon as the president and manager. The store offered such goods as dry goods, clothing, shoes, and ladies’ ready-to-wear garments. The Greeley Club and Dr. Wood’s office were located on the second story that year. Condon occupied the building until at least 1910. Goodman & Neill Clothing Company had a short tenure from 1913 until about 1915, when Crockett - Moody Mercantile Company moved in. Crockett-Moody occupied the building from 1915 until 1935, although the name changed to Moody’s Dry Goods in 1930. Various doctors and small businesses occupied the upper story throughout the years. The building was vacant from 1971 into the early 1980s, when it underwent a major renovation in 1981. Freeland Associates served as the architects on the remodel from August to December 1981, and the contractor was Professional Design Builders from Loveland. The building now houses the offices of Coleman Liu Lyons Collins Law Offices.