Norcross House - 1403 2ND ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Norcross House; Billings House
Style - Late Victorian/Italianate & Vernacular Stick
Built Year - 1883
State ID - 5WL3754

Description - This Italianate house with Vernacular Stick characteristics is an irregular shaped, three story, wood frame structure with an wood shingle, front gabled roof. Roof features include a smaller intersecting gable on the east elevation, overhanging eaves and projecting decorative verges trimmed with original S-shaped fascia boards in the gable ends. It has a concrete foundation and lapped wood siding. The main fa├žade contains an off-centered entrance. The one-story front porch, which was rebuilt in 1999, has decorative detailing in the gable over the entrance, decorative porch posts and scalloped brackets and lattice facing. A smaller, uncovered porch is located on the northeast corner of the house. Windows are narrow, one-over-one, double hung sash and are rounded with arches in the stair tower on the east elevation and on the third floor of the south elevation. The chimney is located on the east side of the main gable.

Historical Background - This 1883 house and the adjoining property known as Warnoco Park are associated with Greeley's recreational history. Houghton & McElroy built the house with nine rooms for approximately $9,000. J.L. Barrett, a fruit farmer, was the original owner. The Billings family owned the structure from 1902-1919. According to Marvin Billings, "Buffalo Bill" Cody, a friend of the family, visited them in the house when he was in town with his Wild West Show. Clarence Sall purchased the house and surrounding property in 1919 and created Sall's Gardens, an amusement park, on the adjacent property. Warrick Norcross purchased the area, formerly known as Sall's Gardens, in 1935 and owned and operated the recreational area and amusement park for over 55 years. The amusement park once contained a dance hall, swimming pool, roller rink and outdoor arena. Norcross brought in entertainers, including Lawrence Welk, who were performing at Elitch Gardens in Denver, on Elitch's closed nights. The Norcross family members were also significant civic leaders. J. W. Norcross helped initiate the Greeley Independence Stampede in 1922 and served as Parade Marshall in 1972. The Greeley Historic Preservation Commission designated the house on the Greeley Historic Register in May 1997 for historical, architectural and geographical significance.