George's Repair Shop - 827 7TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Horne's Book Shop/Salvation Army
Style - Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Commercial Style
Built Year - 1906-09
State ID - 5WL4107

Description - Two-story, long, rectangular, brick commercial building with flat roof stepped down toward rear. Façade has decorative cornice with molded brick and narrow stone coping. Three round vents below cornice. Upper story has three evenly spaced 1/1-light double-hung sash windows with heavy rock-faced stone lintels and stone sills. First story has single storefront with central inset entrance with flush panel door and covered up transom. Angled walls flank entrance. Plate glass display windows on either side of entrance; painted brick under windows. Painted stone at bottom of façade. Clerestory windows covered up. Secondary entrance at east end of façade with door and transom covered up. Narrow brick pilasters with stone capitals flank storefront and second entrance. West wall of building divided by wall piers and with full-height stuccoed chimney has painted mural on first story. Upper story of east wall has faded painted wall sign for Breakfast Call Coffee. Rear wall of building has one-story projection with entrance and window toward west end. Upper story of rear wall has center door with rock-faced stone lintel facing metal stairs and 1/1-light double-hung sash windows, one with rock-faced stone lintel.

Historical Background - This building was erected between 1906 and 1909 according to Sanborn maps, although the Weld County Assessor records a construction date of 1889. The 1909 city directory indicates that Horne's Book Shop was located here. The 1909 Sanborn map shows a meat market at this location, and the 1910 city directory indicates that the B.F. Hoffman Meat Market was operating here, while rooms were offered on the upper story. The 1913 city directory listed J.P. Klug, an auto dealer and E.W. Euge, horseshoeing, at this address. The Salvation Army Hall moved to this site in 1914 and continued in this location through at least 1957. The Greeley Salvation Army was organized in September 1899 by Captains Hines and Harvey and Lieutenant Hires. The first meeting place of the group was the second floor of the Jackson Opera House, and the group met in several other buildings before securing this building. A 1944 newspaper article reported that "the early days found Salvationists the targets of ruffians who misunderstood their work." When the Salvation Army obtained this building in 1914 it was remodeled by Captain W.G. Harris and rooms were located over the group's offices. The Salvation Army is listed at this address in a history of the organization through 1957. By 1959 the Salvation Army Church was located at 1030 10th Street, the residence was at 2519 14th Avenue, and the Thrift Shop was at 519 8th Avenue.