907-09 8TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Greeley Shoe Shop/Quality Shoe Shop
Style - No Style
Built Year - 1903
State ID - 5WL4114

Description - One-story rectangular painted brick commercial building with flat roof and cornice with molded and corbelled brick. It has a centered entrance with a wood frame glazed door and a single light transom. The windows that were bricked in have been opened up and vertical wood frame windows were installed. The windows immediately on each side of the centered entrance are single light windows and the windows on the ends have transoms. Before the recent rehabilitation, the façade had been extensively altered, with bricked up entrance and window toward south end and shortened openings toward north. Brick sill course. Rock-faced red sandstone foundation. Air conditioner unit in window near center of façade; window has segmental arched hood mold and area under air conditioner is bricked in. North of this is inset entrance with metal frame glazed door. The entrance has been shortened. North of entrance is segmental arched, tall, narrow window opening with hood mold and plate glass window. North of this is tall, narrow, sash and transom window; areas under windows have newer brick.

Historical Background - This building was erected about 1903, probably as an extension of the commercial space completed as part of the two-story Sutor Building to the north at 800 9th Street. In 1906, the building is shown as one undivided space and its function is not identified. The 1909-10 city directory indicates that the Greeley Shoe Shop was operated in the southern storefront, while the 1909 Sanborn map shows that offices were in the northern section of the building. The Twist Transfer & Storage Company was housed in the northern part of the building during 1910-1915. In 1917 Sutor's Bakery occupied that space. By 1918, the southern part of the building housed a realtor, while the northern part was simply identified as “room.” A florist was housed in the southern part of the building during 1920-22. A longtime occupant of the northern section of the building was the Quality Shoe Shop, which was listed here from 1926 through 1940. The northern part of the building was shown as a warehouse on the 1927 Sanborn map. The southern space was occupied by A. Harry’s realty agency during 1930 to 1940. Brooks Realty office was located in the northern part of the building during 1950-60.