Roasty's Steak House - 920 8TH AV

 Print Listing Historical Name - Greeley Motor Co./Miller Clothing
Style - No Style
Built Year - 1906-09
State ID - 5WL4119

Description - One-story, long, rectangular commercial building with stuccoed walls. Façade has projecting marquee and large vertical sign. Shaped parapet on facade with soldier course of brown brick. Center, inset entrance, with double metal frame glazed doors and rectangular transom. Plate glass display windows on either side of entrance. Brick veneer under windows. Rear wall is stuccoed and has segmental arched entrance, small enclosed shed roof projection on rear, and large segmental arched opening now covered up.

Historical Background - This building, once part of a larger building with 918 8th Avenue, appears to have been built between 1906 and 1909. During 1909 and 1918, 918-20 was listed in city directories as the Greeley Motor Company. According to the 27 February 1942 Greeley Booster, the garage was operated by the Flood brothers, who sold Ramblers. A 1919 building permit indicates that C.H. Mulford remodeled the building into two storefronts at a cost of $4,000. In 1920, the city directory listed a restaurant at this address. During 1922-30, Miller Clothing Company operated here, with a tailor listed at the rear of the building in 1922. Sam's Coffee Shop operated here during 1935-44, while the Long's Peak Café occupied the building from 1950 through at least 1970. The building continues to operate as a restaurant today.