Northern Colorado Crematory/Best Friends Pet Crematory - 700 8TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Woods Service Station/Downtown Texaco
Style - Modern Movements
Built Year - 1966
State ID - 5WL4123

Description - One-story rectangular concrete block building clad with stucco. Flat roof with arched parapets above entrances and slightly projecting coping along roofline. West half of building is taller than east half on south wall. Quoins of varied width at corners of building. North wall of building has slightly off-center entrance with dark tinted metal frame glazed door. Entrance surround is banded. Flanking entrance are narrow, dark-tinted, two-part horizontal windows with arched lintel trim. Wall is set at angle on west end. East wall has double metal frame dark tinted glazed doors with arched surround at south end. Paneled overhead garage door north of this. Group of three large two-part dark tinted windows north of garage door. Double door entrance surmounted by arched parapet and with banded surround is north of group of windows. Two-part window near northeast corner. South wall has lower section with two narrow horizontal windows and taller section with coping and quoins. Louvered vent near southwest corner. West wall has louvered vent near northwest corner.

Historical Background - This site was previously the location of the Greeley Creamery/Meadow Gold Creamery, which appears on the 1946 Sanborn map as a different building than the current one. There was no listing for this address in the directories of 1957-1965. The current building appears on the 1968 Sanborn map as a one-story concrete block auto service station. The Downtown Texaco is listed in the city directory at this address in 1966, with Junior Sharp as the owner. Junior and Terry Sharp were partners in operation of the Downtown Texaco according to the 1976-1976 directories, while Neil and Steve Hill were listed as managers in the 1980 and 1981 directories. No information about the building was provided for the 1982 city directory. In 1983 and 1984 the Northern Colorado Crematory was listed at this address, with Ed Sunderlin and Rick Adels as partners in the business, which continues to operate here today.