Centennial Developmental Services - 816 8TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Randolph & Jacobs Building/Allen’s Shoes
Style - No Style
Built Year - 1890
State ID - 5WL4131

Description - Two-story flat roof rectangular commercial building with one-story section at rear. Upper story features large, slightly projecting panels of precast concrete divided by narrow vertical piers. Band of windows across second story divided into groups of three by piers has windows with tall upper sash and short lower sash. Off-center entrance on first story is inset and has glazed metal frame double doors with rectangular transom and sidelights. There is a brick-clad pier supporting the inset area. Plate glass display windows have Roman brick in kickplates. Window toward east is larger and has angled wall leading to entrance. Secondary entrance at west end of building has glazed metal frame door and transom. Curved fabric awning shelters main entrance and display window to east. Rear of building is one-story and has concrete block wall with flush panel door and overhead garage door.

Historical Background - Sanborn maps indicate that this building was erected between 1886, when a one-story meat market and confectionery was located on this site, and 1891, when the present building is shown. In 1891 a meat market (818) and an office (816) were located in the building. City directories of 1892-1915 indicate that a market occupied 816 and Dr. Call had offices at 816 ½. In 1901 a bank occupied the 816 space, and the bank was still shown in 1906, occupying the eastern section of the building. The building was known as the Randolph and Jacobs Building at that time. By 1909, the building had two businesses at the front, the meat market on the west and an office on the east, and the one-story section at the rear housed a sausage factory. City directories of 1917 through 1920 list a market and Copeland’s Jewelry in this building. By 1926, an unidentified shop is listed in 816, with “sulfur steam baths” listed in 816 ½. In 1930, a dress shop was housed in 816, and the sulfur steam baths was still operating in the building. The dress shop was still in business in 1940, when Allen’s Shoes was also listed here. Conrad’s Dress Shop was listed here in 1944, together with Allen’s Shoes. 816 ½ housed Dr. S. Levine and an apartment. In 1960 Karl’s Shoes occupied the building. The 1968 Sanborn map showed a single business on the first story.