KBN Engineering - 820 8TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Daniels & Rankin Furniture
Style - No Style
Built Year - Pre-1886
State ID - 5WL4133

Description - Two-story, rectangular, brick commercial building with flat roof and thin molded cornice. Brick walls are painted and there are panels of brick above and below second story windows. Stuccoed area above first story storefront, and west wall is also stuccoed. Second story has center paired double-hung sash windows flanked by wider double-hung sash windows. Center entrance is deeply inset and has double metal frame glazed doors with large rectangular transom flanked by plate glass windows. Plate glass display windows extending to outer edge of façade flank entrance area. Tile below windows. Rear wall is stuccoed and has three double-hung sash windows on second story. First story has overhead garage door and off-center entrance.

Historical Background - This building appears on the 1886 Sanborn map with a three-story section at the front and a two-story section at the rear. The building was then labeled “dry goods,” with a hall on the second floor. By 1891 a furniture store was shown here, as well as the second floor hall. An early photograph of the building in the files of the City of Greeley Museum H.E. Johnson Collection (negative 2129) shows the building with the sign “Daniels & Rankin Furniture.” Daniels & Rankin was a predecessor company of the Rankin Furniture Company operated by John A. Rankin, which was listed here in 1892. City directories of 1906 through 1917 indicate that the Ramsay Dry Goods was housed here. A 1909 Daily Pioneer advertisement for Ramsay's featured men’s and boys’ clothing, furnishings, shoes, and hats. The J.B. Byars Clothing store (ladies furnishings) was located here during 1918-1922. Byars operated stores throughout the West. The Byars store was subsequently located at 822 8th St. The Gilbert Bishop Drug Company operated here from 1922-1960. Carson W. Gilbert and Charles T. Gilbert were brothers who had operated a drugstore in Boulder. They opened a drugstore in Greeley in 1909. The Gilberts purchased the Fezer Drugstore on 8th Street. In 1920 W.J. Bishop bought into the firm and Charles T. Gilbert left it. In 1923 Carson Gilbert died and Mr. Bishop continued the partnership with Mrs. Gilbert. In 1924 the Gilbert and Fezer store were combined and the drugstore moved to this building. Carroll Gilbert, son of Carson, acquired a controlling interest in the company from his mother and W.J. Bishop in 1950. In 1962 the drug company moved to 810 8th Street and the business there was known as Gilbert’s Downtown Pharmacy. By 1970 this was the location of Mode O’Day. Another longtime business that operated in this building was Alice Couture’s “Kodak finishing.” In 1995 Mark Harris and Kenny LaGreca of Metropolitan Design, Inc., planned the remodeling of this building into offices for an engineering firm and a loft residence for owner Brian Bartels.