Weld County Public Trustee - 809 9TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Weld County Public Trustee (new)
Style - Modern Movements
Built Year - 1984
State ID - 5WL4143

Description - Two-story brick office building with multiple roof shapes. Slanting standing seam metal roofing in copper that projects to form awning. Angled entrance at southwest has glazed door with transom and sidelights. Entrance bay bordered by concrete block with aggregate finish. Plate glass windows enframed with gray square concrete blocks. Some panels of windows have standing seam metal coming down face of wall. Second story is set back from south wall. Rectangular concrete section with glazed curved greenhouse/atrium section on west; stucco below windows on west. Glazed door with transom on south wall with two plate glass windows to east. Gable roof central section with standing seam copper roofing and brick walls. Skylight on south slope of roof. Concrete block faced entrance covered with metal grille and security door. Gabled bay is open on second story with upper front gable face glazed. Circular windows on north and south walls. North of gabled bay is curved roof glazed atrium section stuccoed. North of this is flat roofed brick and concrete block section. Brick wall on alley has no windows and flush panel door toward east end.

Historical Background - A 1974 photograph in the files of the City of Greeley Museums shows that this site was previously occupied by small one-story commercial buildings. In that year, businesses in the buildings included the Other Half and Goody Two Shoes. A 1979 photograph shows Western Camera and Maxim’s in the two buildings. A photo taken in June 1983 shows that the two buildings had been demolished. This building was erected about 1984 as part of an urban renewal plan which called for the creation of a pedestrian mall in the 800 blocks of 8th and 9th streets and building and remodeling commercial and office buildings along the mall.