Maxims of Greeley (Frame Shop) - 818 9TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - A.J. Parks Dry Goods Co.
Style - Modern Movements
Built Year - 1907
State ID - 5WL4148

Description - Two-story flat roof commercial building. Upper story has band of three large plate glass windows and stuccoed wall. Upper story is cantilevered above lower story display windows and inset entrance. Some painted brick visible on lower story, but walls are mostly clad with black structural glass which extends to sill level of second story windows. Inset entrance is angled to face east and has double metal frame glazed doors and large glazed overdoor. Large plate glass display windows have rounded interior sections. Rear wall is stuccoed and has projecting gable roof enclosed entrance bay with wood shingle roofing, plate glass window, and glazed metal frame doors.

Historical Background - This building was erected between 1906 and 1909, and appears on the 1909 Sanborn map as a clothing store. The A.J. Parks Dry Goods Company was located here from 1909 through at least 1913. Albert J. Parks had previously been part of the firm of Edmonds & Park, which carried ladies’ and children’s’ goods, including dry goods, cloaks, and shoes, as well as linens and carpets. While Parks Dry Goods was operating here the upstairs office was utilized by Dr. Shields. In 1915 the Hamilton Furniture Company was located in the storefront and the upstairs had rooms. The Curtis Jewelry store was on the first floor in 1919-1920, followed by a department store in 1922-1930. Ewing’s Sulfur Steam Bath occupied the upstairs during the 1920s. The baths were operated by Finley Ewing and his wife. The baths (Mrs. Ewing Sulfur Baths) were still upstairs in 1944, while the Columbine Café occupied the first story. The same businesses were still here in 1950 and 1960. In 1970 the Sweetbriar Shop, Inc., and the Sweetbriar Shoe Department operated here.