Florio’s - 820 9TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Brunswick Alleys
Style - Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Commercial Style
Built Year - 1900s
State ID - 5WL4150

Description - Two-story, rectangular, painted brick commercial building with flat roof with stone coping. Cornice has bands of molded, corbelled, and dogtooth brick. Series of three round vents below cornice. Upper story features two 1/1-light double-hung sash windows with rock-faced stone lintels and stone sill courses. Hanging sign above first story. First story façade has inset off-center entrance and double metal frame glazed doors with transom and sidelights. Entrance area floored with polygonal flagstone. Flanking inset area are large rectangular plate glass display windows with metal frames. First story façade walls clad with horizontal and vertical metal siding. Rear section of building is one-story and has stuccoed walls. The west wall has two segmental arched windows and a flat arched window. The rear has two entrances separated by a shed roof hood above a large two-part window.

Historical Background - This building was erected between 1901 and 1906. The 1906 through 1909 city directories indicate that the building housed the Brunswick Alleys, a bowling facility. The upstairs space was occupied by Abbott & Evans, electricians. In 1910, the C.M. Johnson Pool Hall and Bowling Alley operated here, with Dr. Shields occupying the upper floor. In 1913 the Peterson & Bons Bowling Alley was listed at this address, while the upstairs offered rooms. During 1918 through 1922 a billiard parlor was housed here, while Philips-Jansson, Inc., was here in 1926 and the upper story continued to offer rooms. A 1929 photograph of 9th Street shows the building with a hanging sign reading “Skaggs.” In 1935 Paul’s Bootery and Flo’s Beauty Shop were located here. Black’s Fashion Shop and Beauty Salon occupied the building during 1940 through at least 1950. By 1960 George Johnson, operator of George Johnson Medical Supply, occupied the upper story. The storefront housed Florio’s Shoes, as it does today. Florio’s Shoes was operated by Virginia Lee and Ernest Florio in 1960.