XXL Sports Bar & Grill - 822 9TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Weld County Abstract & Investment Company
Style - Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Commercial Style
Built Year - 1907
State ID - 5WL4152

Description - Two-story, rectangular, buff brick commercial building with flat roof with central flat parapet and tooled stone coping. Molded stone or terra cotta cornice along upper story, which is divided into two bays by “pilaster” of slightly projecting vertical rows of brick and enframed with brick “quoins.” Frieze with two panels with small square vents alternating with square panels. Course of stone above second story windows. Each upper story bay has tripartite window sheltered by awning. Continuous tooled stone sill course along second story. First story storefront has been remodeled and reclad with red brick. Storefront is sheltered by continuous plastic awning. Inset central area has two doors at each end (variety of doors, including nine-light and panel, flush panel, and glazed aluminum frame). Multi-light window east of east door. Plate glass display window with sill of brick facing inset area. Tile floor in entrance area. The rear of the building is one story, and has a porch with slender supports and a low brick wall on the west half.

Historical Background - This building has held offices since it was constructed in 1907. A 1907 summary of construction reported that the Weld County Abstract [& Investment] Company had completed its building. An article about the company in 1908 reported that it had “the finest offices of any abstract company in the state. The office building has recently been completed, at a cost of $12,000, making the property of the company at 822 Ninth street, easily worth $25,000. The building is modern in every way and equipped with large fireproof vaults, in which to keep valuable records, maps, and other papers.” The Weld County Abstract & Investment Company was described as the pioneer abstract company of the county and had been in business since 1893. It had compiled a complete set of county records and was also in the process of photographing records for its use. The officers of the company in 1908 were P.W. Allen, president; J.B. Phillips, vice president; A.J. Allen, secretary; and C.H. English, assistant secretary. Occupants of the upper story included: the Greeley Poudre Irrigation District and Dr. Allen in 1909-1944; a realty company in 1950; Mel Beinger, Hall Truman Company, and Greeley Trades Council in 1960; and Transamerica Title Insurance Company in 1970.