Greeley Hat Works - 725 10TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Dowell Building
Style - Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Movements/Commercial Style
Built Year - 1923
State ID - 5WL4162

Description - Two-story, long, rectangular, brick commercial building with flat roof stepped down toward rear. Brick chimney toward rear, east. Front wall is composed of buff colored magnesium brick, while side walls are red/orange brick; brick foundation. Molded brick band at top of panel enframing upper story windows. Two sets of paired 1/1-light double-hung sash windows on upper story have brick sills. First story has entrances at each end with wood doors with large rectangular lights and transoms. Between the doors are wood frame plate glass display windows with wood panels underneath. Clerestory windows composed of opaque green decorative glass. Course of stone at bottom of display windows and as thresholds for doors. Fabric awning shelters façade. West wall of building has covered up door and windows on first story, with two sets of paired windows at each end of building flanking four small windows on the second story. The second story of the east wall has a series of paired windows on the upper story. A stuccoed wall with arched entrance associated with the building to the east attaches to the east wall of the building. The rear wall of the building is brick, two stories, and has two 1/1-light double-hung sash windows on the upper story. There is a triple window with double-hung sash windows and a shared lintel and sill on the east end of the rear wall and paneled double doors on the west end.

Historical Background - The 1918 Sanborn map indicates that a 1 ½-story dwelling was previously located on this lot. Information in the files of the City of Greeley Museum indicates that Harry L. Dowell (1872-1928) erected the building to house his real estate and loan business. Dowell was issued a permit to erect a two-story brick building with concrete foundation as a business house costing $7,000 in 1923. During the period 1928 through 1950 the General Credit Corporation occupied the building, together with a variety of other businesses. Rooms were offered on the upper story. By 1960, the first floor was vacant, and the upper story had the apartment of B.P. Bogan. In 1970 the following businesses were listed at this address: Chandler Orthopedic, the Maternity Shop, and Martha Shannon. Lawrence Thompson had an apartment on the upper floor.