Inkadeedoodah - 811 10TH ST

 Print Listing Historical Name - Snappy Lunch
Style - No Style
Built Year - 1927
State ID - 5WL4164

Description - One-story rectangular buff brick building with flat roof with bands of molded brick along the cornice and short bands of molded brick (speed lines) at the corners of the upper front wall. Lower wall of façade has been filled in with different shade of brick. Façade has off-center entrance with newer door with nine lights and two rectangular plate glass windows with shutters. Façade is sheltered by curved plastic awning. Rear wall is brick and has two flush panel doors and a 1/1-light double-hung sash window.

Historical Background - A building permit for a one-story building to be used as a lunchroom was issued to E.F. Trollope and Charles L. Carothers in 1926. The 1928 through 1950 city directories listed the Snappy Lunch here. By 1960 Welsh and Associates was operating from this building. The 1970 directory indicates that Mike Cuitanovich and Joe Murphy, realtors, of Welsh and Associates, worked here.